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Parent of a high school sophomore or junior? There are two things you should do today to help your child begin the college search
Jack Delehey (Vanderbilt '14) is a college admissions expert and author (Lessons for Our Younger Brothers, 2018) originally from Concord, MA and now resides in Denver, CO. It is his goal to pass on his college admission knowledge, strategies, and unique perspective to high school students in a young, fun, relatable, older-brother type manner.

The college application process is often confusing and stressful. But it just doesn't have to be that way! If you are interested in gaining clarity, peace of mind, and a detailed step-by-step program to help your child through the college application process, reach out and request a free strategy session today.

What do parents & students think of the program?

Having Jack as a consultant for Molly was so comforting in a time of super-high anxiety. Jack was such a wealth of knowledge and a breath of fresh air during the most stressful time of the college application process. Jack’s understanding of the process and confidence in getting off the waitlist were extremely helpful.

The entire college process is so confusing and complicated. As a parent of a first-time college student I was amazed at the amount of information we were expected to learn and process and then apply…then we found Jack and the confusion disappeared.

I am so thankful we found Jack come waitlist time. His skill, support and encouragement during an emotionally loaded time period were exceptional. Jack knows the college application system inside and out. He has contacts at multiple institutions and, most importantly, he has the ability to connect with both the student and parent in a very comfortable, laid-back yet professional manner.

Thanks to Jack, Molly was accepted to her dream school, Wellesley College!

Jack played an absolutely critical role in my success at the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management at Boston College. After two meetings with Jack, my outlook on schoolwork was drastically changed for the better. He helped me take a step back and identify the specifics of what classes were asking of me. He guided me through breaking down long-term projects, papers, and exam prep into efficient blocks of intense focus. 

Jack not only saved me time and stress, but also yielded incredible results as I finished my first semester with a 3.86GPA, Dean’s List First Honor, and a spot in the top 4.2% of my class.

As I observed Jack's interaction with my son during the waitlist application process I was struck at how interactive and positive Jack's approach was in relation to his previous consultant. Jack was extremely thorough and helped my son get accepted to his first choice within 3 weeks, in the first batch of waitlist applicants!

What really differentiates Jack is his ability to motivate! I felt my son really put in the extra effort and responded to Jack's direction. So often this is the tiny difference between acceptance and just another application. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone.

The fact that you were young and relatable to Kiley was a very important factor for us in choosing you. In my mind a college counselor was a stuffy older person who Kiley would dread meeting with.

You were quite the opposite! Kiley really enjoyed working with you. I think she was able to be more open and more herself with you because you were not that much older than her and had actually been through this process recently.

Overall, Jack’s advice and my time spent with him were far more informative and worthwhile than any other person or event throughout my senior year. Balancing honesty, optimism, and thoughtfulness exceptionally well, Jack provided a unique type of guidance that I did not find elsewhere in the overwhelming college search.

Even now as a freshman at Harvard, I am still benefiting from the suggestions he gave me on how to approach freshmen year and adjust to college life. Thus, not only did Jack’s wisdom help me through the strenuous college process, but he also provided me with the most accurate and useful depiction of college I ever received.
Jack's counseling was the driving force behind not only keeping me organized, but also extremely motivated throughout the entire process. I found that I gained a whole new level of confidence from Jack’s preparation.

Jack provides a unique perspective and understanding that balances hard work with positivity. I am entirely impressed by his constant encouragement, creativity, and diligence. In the end, Jack helped me present the best version of myself!
We asked Jack for help later in our process then we could have – I wished we had Jack on board in Jared’s junior year rather than us beginning our work together with him in fall of senior year. Regardless – his services are priceless!

Jack jumped right into where Jared was in the process and hit the ground running immediately. I would highly recommend any parent of a junior in high school to have Jack on board for help with the beginning of the college process and throughout.
Jack was available to Jared when Jared proactively booked time to speak and he always offered advice and assistance in ways my son could very much relate.

Jared was accepted to his top school – NYU – and could not be happier. We would highly recommend Jack to any family looking for assistance and will be back for his services again for more of our children when their college process begins!
I worked with Jack Delehey through a waitlist process and a re-application process during my gap year, and I can not recommend him highly enough to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Throughout both processes, Jack laid out an incredibly detailed plan which included weekly task lists, deadlines for major tasks, realistic chances about all of my perspective colleges, as well as incredible essay editing and reviews. Jack was in constant contact with me whenever I needed something or had a question, and he also sent quarterly updates to my parents in order to keep them up to date on our progress.

Despite traveling through Southeast Asia for three months during the critical time of the college process, Jack was still able to offer insight when I needed it. Overall, Jack’s attention to detail, incredible work ethic, and honesty, made the college process a low stress, and smooth experience. I am so excited to be attending one of my top choice schools, the University of Virginia, and I owe Jack a major part of that success.

Jack's style caught my attention - not stuffy, not uptight, not rigid. There was an approachability about him, a comfort, almost a casual feel - but at the same time, the casualness was not to be mistaken for passivity. Anything but! Everything was completely professional. It was obvious he was extremely intelligent - not in a robotic, regurgitation of information kind of way. But in a real thinking kind of way, assessing, analyzing. Again, this is what made me think the Delehey College Consulting program was something unique.

Once we began, I could tell the program was different because it seemed Jack created it based on intelligence, common sense, and experience. He wasn't following some formula. All the other companies look the same and do the same - stuffy, buttoned up people who I wasn’t convinced, at the end of the day, knew anything extra.

I also got from that first conversation that Jack was committed and dedicated, he was as light as he was serious. He was also optimistic, positive and complimentary. Again, never in a fake way or placating way, but in a genuine way. There was something refreshingly disarming about his openness and honesty; coupled with his straightforwardness, this resulted in both Melina and I liking him, trusting him, and respecting him (off the bat!). That doesn’t happen too often in our world!

Lastly, it was apparent that, yes, while perhaps a business at the end of the day, Jack also seemed to really care, he really wanted to help. Thanks to Jack, my daughter, Melina was accepted to her dream school, Vanderbilt University and we couldn't be happier!

I am currently a second-year student at the University of Denver, thanks to Delehey College Consulting. I am applying to the Daniels Business School at the University.

The skills and thought process that I learned, because of Jack's help years ago, has continued to support me to this day. Thank you Delehey College Consulting for helping me end up at my dream school!
My decision to transfer schools was rather last-minute. Despite having to work with tight deadlines, Jack was able to provide invaluable assistance in streamlining and organizing the logistics involved in applying to college. He was incredibly supportive of me both during and after the application process, often checking in on me well after I enrolled at the University of Illinois.

Jack’s personability and professionalism always shine through his work. He truly goes above and beyond to make sure that his students achieve whatever it is they’re striving towards. I can say with confidence that I’d recommend Jack to anybody I know.
Jack was a great help throughout the stressful–and seemingly endless–waitlist process. I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and willingness to help in any way (even with college processes other than the waitlist, such as financial aid). His credibility surpasses many college counselors, based on his comparatively recent and personal experience being put on the waitlist at Vanderbilt.

When my admissions representative at Wellesley called and informed me that I had been taken off the waitlist, I was thrilled! Even more exciting, perhaps, was the news that I was her first choice as a waitlisted applicant. She told me how impressed she was by my commitment to the school, and all the ways in which routinely I showed her I was qualified. I would not have known to do this if it had not been for Jack’s guidance!

In essence, I highly recommend Jack and his services if you find yourself waitlisted at your top school(s), or need help with the college process in any other manner. There’s no time to waste!
As a parent ushering two young men through the deadlines, applications, and choices that are now required for acceptance into college – I found Jack’s assistance very helpful. Jack was able to coordinate with the boys to make sure they were considering good options, had submitted for deadlines on time and to support me in getting the boys through the “system”.

He was an external voice in the process that turned out to be invaluable. On their way now to Northern Illinois and Whitewater Wisconsin and we appreciate Jack’s time and contributions to making that happen.
Throughout my college and scholarship search process, Jack was very helpful. He contacted me to originally get organized and find out exactly what I was looking to get out of our time together. From then on, he sent me various opportunities and was always available to help when I had questions. Jack wanted me to reach my goals and he wanted to be sure I was pleased with the outcome. I will be attending Clemson in the fall, my dream university, with the help of Jack. He can ease this process for any student who is willing to try.
Thanks to Jack’s invaluable coaching and advice, I was accepted from the waitlist at Vanderbilt University, where I am currently a sophomore.

I’m planning on double majoring in Economics and Mathematics and minoring in Spanish. If you have any questions about Vandy or the college search process, feel free to reach out! Best of luck with the college process to all!
Jack’s approach is thoughtful and thorough. He was able to communicate effectively with me as a parent and at the same time, motivate my girls. Both girls benefited tremendously from his expertise and we would not hesitate to recommend his services.
Jack is timely, organized, professional, and personable. This helps his students have the best chance to succeed in the next stage of life.

Given Jack’s background, he is very knowledgeable with the entire college process, start to finish. He has made sure that I continue to capitalize on opportunities to develop and grow.

I sincerely thank him for helping me live out my dreams.
Jack was an incredible resource for me as I weighed my path and options for college. He offered excellent advice and counsel that came from both his experience and his clear expertise. What I appreciated most was Jack’s continued investment in my collegiate experience long after the application process. Jack’s continual care and outreach serves as a clear representation of his character. Thanks to Jack, I ended up at my dream school, Vanderbilt University.
Jack was the most useful resource I had when I was going through the process of looking at colleges and then later applying. He was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping, offering invaluable advice. The biggest difference between Jack and the guidance counselors that I worked with was that while they told me which schools they thought I could get into, Jack was focused on the things I needed to do to get into the college that I wanted. Specifically, he knew which strengths to emphasize and how to improve on weaknesses in my application.

Learning from Jack, I have been able to successfully juggle a schedule that allows me to do very well academically, while living the social life that I want and getting enough sleep. I can’t thank him enough for how much I have benefitted from his wisdom
If you’ve ever had the chance to work with Jack, then you know you’re one of the lucky ones! On countless occasions Jack has gone far out of his way to help make my college dreams come true. With Jack’s unwavering commitment to my success during the college process, I was able to gain admission to my dream school, Duke University. Most importantly, Jack is one of the most hard-working, sincere and ethical people I know, which made the usually grueling application process a successful and enjoyable experience for me.
With the college landscape becoming more competitive every year, Jack provides invaluable services that give the advantage you need. Whether it be curating a personalized college list, tidying up your Common App, or going over your supplement responses, Jack guides you through the process with ease, keeping you organized to get the job done on time. He is available, ready to counsel you through whatever question, concern, or dilemma you’re facing. Working with him made the journey through the college process easier and a more enriching experience overall. Thanks to Jack, I was accepted to my top choice school, NYU!
Jack played an extremely pivotal role in helping me get into Wesleyan University. I had heard through friends that Jack had a lot of strategies to getting into a school off the waitlist. I reached out to him and within the day received an extensive amount of tremendous advice. After two weeks of hard but calculated work, I was accepted to Wesleyan off the wait list. I even passed along Jack’s methods to two of my friends, and they got into their schools off the waitlist within the week.

Jack is a fantastic mentor, and I owe my college experience to him. Even to this day I still seek Jack’s advice and guidance on internship and career paths and would recommend him to any and everyone
Jack was an excellent and enthusiastic resource, who delivered as promised. He was diligent, very professional and motivating.

My daughter, Sarah, enjoyed working with Jack and with his help, achieved her dream of attending Vanderbilt University. I give Jack high marks and my strongest recommendation.
Jack Delehey was beyond helpful when I found myself on the waitlist for my dream school, Vanderbilt University. Jack immediately knew exactly who I should contact in the university’s admissions office, and how to express my interest in Vandy in an enthusiastic but appropriate way.

With Jack’s help, I received an offer on the first day that anyone was accepted from the waitlist. I couldn’t imagine anyone nicer, or easier to work with, than Jack Delehey!
One of Jack’s greatest attributes is his ability to continuously encourage others with his unending positive attitude. That, and his very detailed preparation and effective strategies helped give my daughter a greater confidence in herself throughout this entire process.

We are thrilled where my daughter ended up and feel that Jack was instrumental in helping her achieve it. It is a great feeling as parents when you know you have made the right choice for your child. Jack is that choice!
Jack broke down a complex and intimidating process into manageable chunks. He helped me streamline my preparation, craft strong responses to application questions, and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.

Jack brings a level of subject matter expertise and passion that few people can offer. I consider myself incredibly lucky to know Jack and to have had the opportunity to work with him – I cannot recommend Jack enough.
Jack was instrumental in helping me get into Vanderbilt, providing advice and support as I navigated the college waitlist process.

Furthermore, once I decided to attend Vanderbilt, he was always willing to answer any questions I had and help in any manner possible as I made the transition to college. I can confidently say that without him, I would not have been able to thrive in the way that I have.
Jack’s advice was extremely helpful; he is very knowledgeable in his field. He was always easy to reach and helped me immensely, removing a lot of stress! I am so thankful for his help and happy to say I graduated with an excellent full time job starting this summer!
Jack‘s wealth of experience was critical in helping me get the most out of my University experience. He provided me with the knowledge and resources I needed to successfully navigate the college study abroad process with strategies he developed through his own experiences studying and living abroad.

With his mentorship, I was able to achieve the highlight of my University career, and then translate that experience into securing my dream job after graduation. I can certainly say that without Jack’s guidance, I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.
Having been waitlisted at my top choice school, Jack’s methodical approach allowed me to stand out amongst a pool of 6,000 waitlist applicants and ultimately receive acceptance at a renowned Ivy League university.

 Jack was extremely cooperative and supportive throughout the entire process. Not only did his unique strategies get me off the waitlist within the first week of May, but when visiting the school a few weeks later, the admissions representative already knew so much about my background and desire to attend before I even introduced myself.

I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to have partnered with Jack and I strongly recommend any other waitlist applicant to do the same.
Because of Jack’s amazing coaching I was able to get into Boston College, my top-choice school. I am now a freshman there studying marketing.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jack through the college application process.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about my experience with Delehey College Consulting, or with any questions about BC or the college process!
Hi all! My name’s Sam and because of Delehey College Consulting I was able to get into Connecticut College. I’m now a sophomore studying Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies and Conn is seriously my dream school.

Big thank you to DCC! Everyone was so helpful and took a lot of stress out of the whole process.
Hi everyone! My name is Alex Sekulic and I'm currently a freshman at Emory University, thanks to Jack's extremely helpful advice.

I am currently undecided but interested in Computer Science and Economics. If you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out at any time.
We chose Jack after researching multiple options and talking with him. We felt Jack would systematically guide us through the process and had a proven track record.

Your child has to put forth the effort, but Jack provides guidance. I truly think my daughter would never have gotten off of the waitlist without him.
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