About Jack Delehey
Jack Delehey is a college admissions expert and author (Lessons for Our Younger Brothers, 2018) originally from Concord, MA.  He has worked with high school students and parents throughout the United States for the last decade.

Jack's students are some of the most hardworking and passionate students in the country.  Combined with Jack's structure & motivation, they have experienced tremendous college admission success over the years...and their parents have experienced peace of mind knowing their child is on a calculated, organized, successful path to college admissions success.

It is Jack's goal to pass on his college admission knowledge, strategies, and unique perspective to high school students in a young, fun, relatable, older-brother type manner.  In this way, he is able to get the best out of his students...and they seem to actually enjoy working with him!
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The Delehey College Consulting Mission: To be the United States’ most fun, motivating, effective college planning resource for high school students (and their parents). Delehey College Consulting strives to be the single only college planning resource parents & students ever need. DCC provides students with a lifelong impact--giving them true, honest self-confidence that will last them for the rest of their lives.

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