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How to Write A Killer College Essay
Written by Jack Delehey on October 21st, 2022
I’m pretty sure I get asked more about writing “The College Essay” than any other college topic.

It makes sense. After all, it is, typically the 3rd most important factor in college admissions, and most families have a grasp on #1 and #2 (HS Grades, Standardized Testing).

But here’s the secret: Writing a standout, killer college essay actually isn’t that hard…as long as you understand what admissions is looking for in your child’s 650 words!

I’ll give you a hint right now: the more fun your high schooler has writing the essay, the better it will serve its purpose. Seriously! Say goodbye to the middle-school style 5-paragraph essay. This isn’t the time for it.


P.S. I mention several resources in the video, and I’ll place them here in case it helps:

Jack Delehey

Jack Delehey (Vanderbilt '14) is a college admissions expert originally from Concord, MA and now resides in Denver, CO.  It is his goal to pass on his college admission knowledge, strategies, and unique perspective to high school students in a young, fun, relatable, older-brother type manner.

The college application process is often confusing and stressful. But it just doesn't have to be that way! If you are interested in gaining clarity, peace of mind, and a detailed step-by-step program to help your child through the college application process, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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