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Parent of a high school sophomore or junior? There are two things you should do today to help your child begin the college search
From “no clue what I’m doing” to “100x more confident” in 398 days
Written by Jack Delehey on March 4th 2022
You’ve met Jameson before, a current senior at Hershey HS in Pennsylvania, and someone I’ve highlighted in this newsletter multiple times.
I even got to meet up with Jameson, his brother, and his mother back in the fall:
When I started working with Jameson, he was an HS junior with no real plan when it came to thinking about college.

That was 398 days ago.

Last week, Jameson finished Section 7 in my College Confidence Program, has been accepted to multiple schools and, well, let’s just say he’s made quite the transformation in the last 13 months!
It seems that, if you are a high schooler struggling with college planning at Hershey High School…you go to the college-planning guru himself, Mr. Jameson. He’ll help you out!
A far cry from Jameson’s position 398 days ago, I’d say!

Let’s break it down:
Who? Jameson (Junior, now Senior at Hershey HS in Hershey, PA)
Problem: “No clue what I’m doing”
Solution: Join my College Confidence Program
Did it work? “100x more confident, I started with no clue what I was doing, but now my friends come to me for help.”...accepted to multiple schools with more acceptances to come, and plenty of free time to enjoy second semester senior year!

Do you, as the parent of a high school student, have only a vague idea of how to help your high schooler when it comes to thinking about college planning? Perhaps your child has “no clue what they’re doing” when it comes to taking the first college planning steps? You hear things like “Early Decision” and “SATs” and “Recommendation Letters”...and it all seems fairly overwhelming?

Good news is your high school child can experience a newfound confidence, motivation, and spring in their step like Jameson did…and perhaps they, too, can turn into the college-planning guru in their high school, the student all other students go to when they need help because…yes…they’re that confident in the process!

If this newfound confidence is something you’d like to at least consider helping your child find, click here and let’s connect for an entirely free, zero obligation college planning strategy session. On the call, I’ll mostly ask questions, listen, and take notes. No matter if we’re a fit to work together or not, I’ll give you next steps on the college planning journey.

Happy college planning.

Jack Delehey

Jack Delehey (Vanderbilt '14) is a college admissions expert originally from Concord, MA and now resides in Denver, CO.  It is his goal to pass on his college admission knowledge, strategies, and unique perspective to high school students in a young, fun, relatable, older-brother type manner.

The college application process is often confusing and stressful. But it just doesn't have to be that way! If you are interested in gaining clarity, peace of mind, and a detailed step-by-step program to help your child through the college application process, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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