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2 ED Acceptances: Congrats Brian & Olivia, UVA & Villanova Class of 2026!
Written by Jack Delehey on January 21st 2022
Time for a proud college coach moment here. When a student gets into their top-choice school, after months of hard work & dedication…they get a shout out to my entire email list.

Without further ado…

Congratulations to Brian & Olivia, two of my hardest working HS seniors, on their Early Decision acceptance to their top choice schools:

Brian will be a part of the University of Virginia, Class of 2026.
And Olivia will be a part of Villanova University, Class of 2026.
I truly enjoyed coaching both of these tremendous young adults. To see a transformation from this:

Olivia’s original message to me, June 2021:
to this, just 7 months later:
…is truly incredible. And a testament to their hard work, dedication, and commitment!

And while Olivia’s transformation was a rapid one–a start-to-finish 7 month sprint–your child’s does not have to be as rapid. In fact, my most successful, happy, stress-free students typically reach out to me their sophomore or early junior year to have their first exploratory, free, college planning discussion. This allows plenty of time to enjoy the process and not stress over it.
Lastly, you may be reading this and saying, “only two of your students got into their top-choice school?” Not quite. Two of my students got into their top-choice school Early Decision, an optional application window that improves a student’s chances of admission…but is binding.

Don’t know the difference between Regular Decision, Early Decision, Early Action, and Rolling Admission? Here’s a blog I wrote on the topic that could help you…or reach out to me and we can talk about it (and all other aspects of your child’s college planning as well).

Congratulations to Brian and Olivia. UVA & Villanova got two good ones!

P.S. - If you are a current family of mine, would you do me a huge favor? Hop into the DCC Member-Only Skool Group and write them a congratulatory post! I know they’d appreciate it.

Jack Delehey

Jack Delehey (Vanderbilt '14) is a college admissions expert originally from Concord, MA and now resides in Denver, CO.  It is his goal to pass on his college admission knowledge, strategies, and unique perspective to high school students in a young, fun, relatable, older-brother type manner.

The college application process is often confusing and stressful. But it just doesn't have to be that way! If you are interested in gaining clarity, peace of mind, and a detailed step-by-step program to help your child through the college application process, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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