I HELP high school students and parents navigate the college search & application process.

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Are you a parent of a high school student struggling to help your child navigate the college search and application process?

My name is Jack Delehey and I help high school students (and parents of high school students!) navigate the college search process every step of the way...from freshman, sophomore, or junior year of high school through their first day of college.

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If you are interested in helping your son or daughter navigate the college search & application process with a guided, predictable, step-by-step system, click the button below to learn more.

What do parents & students think of the program?

I liked Jack's positive energy and honesty. I also really felt that he would be a good fit for my daughter's personality, and he was! I also knew his college application story and thought that it gave him a unique perspective, which was very helpful for my daughter, Sam.
Thanks to Jack's help, Sam ended up at Connecticut College and loves it there. It is a great fit for her and we couldn't be happier!

I worked with Jack Delehey through a waitlist process and a re-application process during my gap year, and I can not recommend him highly enough to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.
Throughout both processes, Jack laid out an incredibly detailed plan which included weekly task lists, deadlines for major tasks, realistic chances about all of my perspective colleges, as well as incredible essay editing and reviews. Jack was in constant contact with me whenever I needed something or had a question, and he also sent quarterly updates to my parents in order to keep them up to date on our progress.
Despite traveling through Southeast Asia for three months during the critical time of the college process, Jack was still able to offer insight when I needed it. Overall, Jack’s attention to detail, incredible work ethic, and honesty, made the college process a low stress, and smooth experience. I am so excited to be attending one of my top choice schools, the University of Virginia, and I owe Jack a major part of that success.

Hi! My name is Aarzu Miharia. Because of Jack’s amazing advice and guidance, I was able to get off of the waitlist at Vanderbilt University, where I am currently a freshman planning on studying Biology and Medicine, Health, and Society on the pre-med track.
I am so grateful for everything I learned through Delehey College Consulting. I wish you all the best of luck with the college application process!

Jack’s passion and knowledge of the college application process is grounded in his own experience-- he bases the program on what worked for him when he was in high school- and the experience of dozens and dozens of students he has helped before.
I want to briefly add that aside from his fantastic advice, Jack is also a pleasure to work with. He is enthusiastic, passionate, and fun to talk to, which is a startling contrast to some of the other college counselors I've spoken with, who ranged from disconnected to downright unpleasant. If you need help with college or your career, Jack is the way to go.

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